FAAC 400 Parts

Simply click on the part number for your desired part in the diagram or the corresponding part button below the diagram to be taken to that parts product page.

In the diagram below, select the number of your desired replacement part and you will be taken to the corresponding page. Alternatively, you can select from the list below the diagram and be taken to the corresponding product page.
Part Diagram Rear Mounting Plate - FAAC 72840065 Short Pin - FAAC 7182075 FAAC Aluminum Replacement Rear Fork for FAAC Swing Gate Opener - FAAC 7228015 (old part FAAC 7221115) Gasket (D80) - FAAC 70991015 Gasket (D80) - FAAC 70991015 Copper Gasket - FAAC 7094065 Operator Body for 400 - FAAC 7161825 Long Pin - FAAC 7182175 Oil Plug Filler Cap - FAAC 7110015 1 Lt. Cast Iron Lobe Pump - FAAC 3204425 O-Ring (4.48 x 1.78 mm) - FAAC 7090010015 Front Mounting Bracket for 400 - FAAC 7220355
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