FAAC KP-Evo Programming Unit - 950N2

The KP-EVO programming unit works with the 950 N2 Automatic Swing Door Operator and has a LCD display with backlight.
Part Number: 790022

$256.50 each


FAAC KP-Evo Programming Unit - 950N2

When programming a 950 N2 Automatic swing door operator, it's crucial to have an advanced programming unit to go with it. The KP-EVO programming unit is the ultimate operator with an LCD graphic display with a backlight and timer function. This unit is ideal for installers and does not require complicated technical skills.

Key Features:

  • Programs available: Manual, Automatic, Night, Open, One-Way, and Partial Opening
  • Backup Battery With 5-Year Lifetime
  • 5 Daily Time Slots
  • Interlock With Or Without Memory
  • Emergency Command To Open And Close
  • Reset Function
  • Needed for Primary and Secondary (2 door leafs) programming
Name FAAC KP-Evo Programming Unit - 950N2
SKU 790022
Price $256.50