The FAAC Difference

Discover the FAAC difference with automatic hydraulic bollards for perimeter security. Fifty years of experience afford unrivaled execution of technology and design, providing a product that you can trust to secure your pedestrian areas, residents, hotels, garages, sidewalks, or sensitive areas such as embassies, coastlines, and military installations. Using the high-quality FAAC hydraulic bollard technology ensures a quiet and low-wear operation for years to come. The use of integrated hydraulics in many of the bollards allows for easy installation and maintenance. As with any other FAAC J series bollards, J355HA Hydraulic Automatic bollards are conceived with an integrated hydraulic unit. Alternatively, many competitors place the hydraulic pump (and EFO accumulator) in a deported cabinet.

Installation: No need for extra space to place the cabinet.

Economy: Save cost on cabinet and installation.

Security: No need to protect the cabinet from tampering/vandalism.

FAAC J355 Automatic Bollard

Installation: No need to install pressurized, underground oil pipes.

Maintenance: Difficult to trace back oil leakage along underground pipes.

Reliability: Natural dirt and soil movement can harm underground pipes.

FAAC Automatic Bollard
FAAC Automatic Bollard

FAAC J Series bollards are the answer for security and ease of use.
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