Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Swing Gate?

Swing gates are fixed against hinges at one edge and rotate around this fixed point, being pulled in an arc by an articulated arm attached to one of its faces. When open, the gate sits perpendicular to the surrounding fence.

What Is A Slide Gate?

Slide gates roll along a fixed track parallel to the surrounding fence. The gate door rolls to the side and slips behind a stationary section of the fence, clearing the way for entry without taking up a wide range of space so long as the section it fits behind is large enough to accommodate it.

What Is A Barrier Arm?

Barrier arms are a form of traffic control best used in vehicular entryways and do not require to be surrounded by fencing to operate. The arm acts as a barrier against entry. When opened, it rotates upward along the end connected to the operator to allow entry without taking up any limited space along the driver’s path by operating within the area above the path.

What Is The Difference Between Low-Voltage and Conventional Gate Openers?

A low voltage gate opener typically operates at around 24v DC. It is a less expensive option and can run off of a backup battery in case of any power outages. Conventional gate openers operate within 115-230V AC and are illogical to run off of backup batteries due to the amount of power one would need to operate them.

Is There A Difference Between Commercial and Residential Gates?

A residential gate operator is intended for use in garages or parking areas associated with residencies and other private property. In contrast, a commercial operator is intended for use in commercial locations or buildings such as hotels, stores, and other buildings accessible by or serving the general public.

Are Automatic Gate Openers Hard To Install?

If you are DIY friendly, you may find it either relatively easy to install yourself or you may find it a bit of a challenge. It all depends on the operator you are setting up, as different types have different complexities. Whether you find it easy or hard, it will take some time to put together, so patience is necessary. If you are uncertain of what you are doing, consult a professional, as the operator must be set up correctly and within the UL 325 guidelines.

What's The Difference Between Retractable and Fixed Bollards?

Retractable bollards can retract into the ground and emerge out of it at the operator’s will, allowing access to authorized parties, while fixed bollards remain above ground and completely restrict access for all vehicles.

What Size Barrier Arm Should I Use?

You will want to measure the size of your entryway and be able to cover a majority of the space while also allowing a few feet or so of space for the arm to operate without any obstacles in its way properly.

How Can I Add More Security To My Gate System?

Systems such as call boxes and photo eyes are available as accessories to your gate operator(s). Call boxes offer a direct intercom between the entranceway and any security patrolling it. At the same time, photo eyes can act as a tripwire that, when crossed, can stop a gate in its path and cause it to reverse into the closed position.

How Can I Automate My Gate Opener?

Automation of a gate opener is possible with the use of additional equipment, such as vehicle loops or motion detectors.

Is There Any Difference Between Electric Gate Motors and Motorized Gate Openers?

There is no difference. These are two different ways of referring to the same thing.

Can I Use My Smartphone To Control My Gate?

There are many options for smartphone-controlled accessories to your automatic gate opener. You want to be sure that it is compatible with your opener, and different accessories may have more affordable options available on some of our other sites, so we recommend calling our sales representatives and allowing them to guide you toward your best option.

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