Simply click on the part number for your desired part in the diagram or the corresponding part button below the diagram to be taken to that parts product page.

In the diagram below, select the number of your desired replacement part and you will be taken to the corresponding page. Alternatively, you can select from the list below the diagram and be taken to the corresponding product page.
Part Diagram Front Bracket for S450H - FAAC 63001945 Positive Stop Spacers Kit for S450H - FAAC 63001975 Encoder for S450H FAAC Swing Gate Opener - FAAC 63001875 Rear Bracket for S450H - FAAC 63001915 Molded Cable Kit for S450H - FAAC 63001935 Bracket Plastic Cover for S450H - FAAC 63001925 Long Pin - FAAC 7182175 O-Ring (Lock Cylinder) - FAAC 7090290015

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