Constantly innovating, FAAC stands at the cutting edge of gate opener technology. Sometimes, this can leave the rest of us a little bit behind. Fast Gate Openers is here to help. We offer a bunch of handy resources to help you choose and install the right FAAC gate operator for you. Here in our resources section, you'll find FAAC slide and swing gate openers parts diagrams to help you find the right replacement part, a gate operator safety manual, help choosing a slide gate operator, installation manuals, a table for back-up battery units and control boards by model number, and the FAAC manufacturer’s warranty.

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UL 325 Safety Standard Guide

Stay up to date on the latest safety regulations and UL Standards.

Manuals & Brochures

Access to installation manuals and brochures.

Battery and Control Board Guide

Our selection guide is the only one of its kind and comes directly from manufacturer specifications.

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