HVM - Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Bollard Installation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, or HVM, protects your critical infrastructure, a key asset, or property against vehicular-based threats. It is an immovable object built to defend against hostile vehicles, should they crash into it. Many industries that require a high level of security use hostile vehicle barriers to protect their property, such as banks, data centers, and the like. FAAC offers various HVM products, and we will work with you to create a system that suits your needs. These products are rated against crash tests to ensure the safety and security of your premises. Our products typically receive ratings M50 and M30; both guarantees to stop a 7.5-ton truck within one meter after the barrier despite traveling either 50mph or 30mph.

Protecting Your Property Against Vehicular Threats

High-Security barriers are essential to protect locations with valuable assets, such as government buildings and banks. FAAC recognizes this, and because of it, we offer several HVM solutions, including barrier arms, gate operators, and bollards. Barrier arms are available in lengths up to 23 feet and are long-lasting, secure barrier options for any length of space within that margin. Bollards come in different shapes and sizes that can provide a suitable barricade against potential crashes while still allowing access when needed.

HVM technologies improve yearly as more agencies and sectors find a need for them. If you would like help determining which solution is right for your location, or if you would like to request a quote, please do not hesitate to contact any of our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. We also offer custom solutions for government and government-contracted agencies; visit our information page on government purchases.