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J355 HA M50 Crash Rated Automatic Retractable Security Bollard (Painted Steel) - FAAC 116351

J355 HA M50 Crash Rated Automatic Retractable Security Bollard (Painted Steel) - FAAC 116351
The J355 HA M50 Crash Rated Automatic Retractable Security Bollard is designed and crash rated for the protection of sensitive areas such as airports, embassies, consulates, banks, ports and more. Proudly designed and manufactured by FAAC.

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The J355 HA M50 Crash Rated Automatic Retractable Security Bollard, designed and manufactured by FAAC, is built for the protection of high-security area such as banks, airports, and embassies. This model is made from sturdy S355JR EN10210 grade steel and treated with a dark gray cataphoresis and polyester powder paint finish. Hydraulic-automation alows for the bollard to be retractable for convenience and accessibility in situations where a fixed model is not practical. Built for strength and reliability, this bollard is capable of enduring an impact of 1,852 KJoules. The crash rated J355 HA M50 is a trustworthy addition to any high-end security system.

This bollard has been tested according to: "PAS 68:2013 and IWA 14-1:2013" regulations, obtaining certification for the highest class of penetration possible. Classification M50 indicates that the J355 bollard is able to stop a 15,000 lb (6,800 kg) truck travelling at 50 miles/h (50 km/h) with just 39 in (1 meter) of total penetration (P1).

*Note: A foundation pit is necessary for the installation and operation of this bollard. Foundation Pit is sold separately.


  • Class M50, K12
  • Certified according to Standard PAS 68:2013 and IWA 14-1:2013
  • PAS 68:2013 Crash Rated
  • IWA 14-1:2013 Crash Rated
  • Total Penetration (P1)
  • Supplied with the main accessories already included
  • Lock in the up position guaranteed even in the event of a power outage
  • Extreme care in the selection of materials
  • Steel cylinder, thickness 1.18 in (30 mm) with cataphoresis treatment and painted
  • Powder paint dark grey metallised RAL 7021
  • Flashing lights ring with central LED
  • Hydraulic lock in the up position (in the event of a power outage)
  • Watertight galvanized steel pit sheet with built-in drainage connection

Technical Specs:

  • Drive: Hydraulic Operator
  • Cylinder Height: 47.2 in (1,200mm)
  • Cylinder Diameter: 14 in (355 mm)
  • Cylinder Material: Steel S355JR EN10210 1.18 in (30mm) thickness
  • Cylinder Surface Treatment: Cataphoresis and polyester powder painted RAL 7021 metallic dark grey
  • Sleeve Material, Stainless Steel Version: AISI 316 satin finished
  • Cylinder Head: Aluminium RAL 9006
  • Rise Time: Approx. 6 sec
  • Descent Time (Standard): Approx. 3 sec
  • Input Voltage: 230 Vac +6% - 10%; 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power: 3,900 W
  • Maximum Force: 2,025 lbf (9,000 N)
  • Junction Box Protection Rating: IP 67
  • Recommended Use: Security areas
  • Reflecting Strip Height: 2.2 in (55 mm)
  • Crash Resistance: 1852 KJoules
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: 5°F ÷ 131°F (-15 °C / +55 °C)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature with Heater (optional): -40°F ÷ 131°F (-40 °C / +55 °C)
  • Connection Cable: Standard 16+1 conductor cables, minimum AWG16 (not supplied)

Optional Accessories:


CSI Specifications

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Additional Information

SKU 116351
Manufacturer FAAC International Inc.
Model J355 M50
Bollard Type Automatic
Class K12, M50
Crash Rated ASTM F 2656-07, IWA 14-1:2013, PAS 68:2013
Protection Class IP 67
Height 47.2 in (1200 mm)
Rise Time 6 sec
Color Painted Steel

J355 HA M50 Crash Rated Automatic Retractable Security Bollard (Painted Steel) - FAAC 116351

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